Tehran sakkoo

With respect and thank that you are choosing this company and also spending time on it to have more information, herewith I take the liberty to inform you briefly about this company, its history, activities and possibilities. But before, that in the case that you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Company Profile and a description of its activities
    1. Tehransakkoo started its work as one of the oldest active partners in "Laboratory fixed-equipments" before Islamic Revolution and in fact is the oldest local producer in Iran. Since 1362(1983) started its activity officially with number 50431 in Tehran and after 10 years in 31/4/1372(22/7/1993) was registered with number 555 in Saveh. This company focuses from the beginning of its activity on Laboratory fixed-equipment and until now has furnished up to 200 Laboratory-collections including 2100 Laboratory all over our country Iran.

  2. Company's policy
    1. Expansion and developments in producing Laboratory fixed-equipment (benches, cupboards, hoods,…)Across this aim , designing and building clean rooms and sensitive air filters became considerable. And at the time that these subjects were unknown in Iran the first Seminar was being arranged by this company, which was the first step in introducing them to Iranian companies and making them familiar with these important subjects of the science world.

    2. Expanding and Developing the knowledge and science of cleanrooms and Air-filters (HEPA, ULPA, Carbon Active,…) and that makes our industries and Managers knowledgeable about them and as a result our community became ready for international topics like BT, NT and ICT.

    3. Producing most of our market's requests and demands Laboratory-equipment field in our country in order to become independence from importing them from other countries.

    4. Doing researches and studying about new subjects in Laboratory equipment field in the world in order to be up to date with all scientific basics.

  3. Its Personnel and Staff
    1. This company has employed during years of active presence in Market its personnel and staff according to its working condition, its requirements and demands and developed its staff to reach the best quality and quantity.

    2. As a result we believe that qualitative and quantitative Variety is the best way in economical activities in order to be the leader and the best in Market and our present Scientific –Mission and their in all stages and steps guarantee the growth, development and best continuous extension. Our Scientific-Mission is consistent of professional and experienced educated people.

    3. Some of our scientific-mission partners are Managers of our interrelated and dependent companies, who in some projects take the roll to plan, organize and control under liberty of Tehransakkoo Company. Our staff is consist of 20 to 100 people in normal condition

    4. Our Scientific–Mission, our operational Managers and our responsible colleagues in projects are totally up to 50 people.

  4. Company's Possibilities
    1. Having variety of possibilities in designing, engineering, Montaging and also our professional staff and managers give us the opportunity to have and gain the best result from our local managers and industrial workers and at the same time considering economical points and being up to date with our modern world of technology. This company also has a factory in Saveh [18th street, Saveh Industrial city]. This factory is about 5000 quad meters and has water piping, Telephone, fax …and other facilities. We also owe some other temporary factories in Tehran and other cities in order to have the best service.

  5. Our executed (done) projects
    1. Laboratory benches and hoods. We have equipped more than 2100 Laboratories in Iran. One of our companies proud is using the best material in order to satisfy our customers' demands and also guarantee long-life time of our projects. This rate (long-life time of our projects) is about %95 and the other %5 is related to projects which were cancelled or were being constructed and built as the customers needs with out changing or using the correct way (as the customer insisted to do according to their order).

    2. Clean rooms and clean environments These projects are about 30and most of them were in branches like consulting, designing, controlling or building. These projects includes different kinds of clean rooms in different classes, glove boxes, laboratory benches, clean tents, air shower and air filters like HEPA, ULPA, carbon active ….

  6. Designing and building the greatest "clean-room project" in Iran.
    1. Designing, building and constructing cleanrooms of "central Institute of producing Hepatitis B Vaccine" for Pastor Institute in an area of more than 2000 quad meters is the greatest project in Iran which is done by our company. This project is constructed under a team working of Cuban and Iranian consultants and it is our proud to say that Tehransakkoo has carried out this project from the first stage until finishing. Before starting this work, it took about a year that Cuban and Iranian consultants could choose three major companies, which were authorized for project. There were two governmental companies and from private sector, Tehransakkoo was chosen. But not so long one of the governmental company and after a while the other governmental were omitted and Tehransakkoo conducted and carried out the project until finishing successfully. The only reason of our success was our professional and experienced staff, managers and colleagues and also our responsive morale.

  7. Special possibilities and International Presence
    1. In our modern world and with such high rate of competitions between companies all over the world, it is a fact that private-Sector companies are more up to date in comparison with governmental companies The reason is that, these companies want to be the leaders in Market and because of that they always try to find new fields so that they can be the Innovator and as a result they always spend more budget for researches and studies. Tehransakkoo is also the technical and scientific cooperator of Camfil FARR Company in Iran[ camfil FARR is one of the major companies in producing air ventilation and filters in the world] Also this company is the lonely scientific cooperator of "Standard and Industrial Research Institute in Iran"[karaj] which is in liberty of "International Standard Institute "[ISO]. This helps that building and beginning all cleanrooms in Iran to be carried out and performed according to Standards.

  8. Arranging meetings and Seminars.
    1. During these years our company arranged many Seminars about cleanrooms, filtering engineering (HEPA, ULPA, Carbon active…) , which allowed many Managers from Private-Sector and Governmental Sector take part and also have speech this helps them to transfer their knowledge to each other and also gain new information. Our first Seminar was in December 1992 in "Iran Commercial and Industrial Room", the second one in December 1998 in Amir-Kabir University and the other one in 2001. But in November 2001 Tehransakkoo arranged its third Seminar with cooperation of companies "Camfil FARR, Sharif University and Science and Medical Faculty of Tehran-University. After a while it was being carried out with cooperation of research-office of Science and medical Faculty of Esfahan University in Esfahan University. And after a while again the same seminar was carried out in Shiraz with cooperation of Research Institute in Fars, Science and Medical Faculty of Fars and also ITC international factories (Siemens).

Tehran sakkoo co.
Laboratory equipments, Clean rooms, Electronics, Automation, Research

  1. Different kinds of benches and lab tables

  2. Chemical hoods: Routine, Hydrofluoric acid, Perchloric acid, paint, inflammable hoods,

  3. Work case(box) with radioactive elements-air box- gas box

  4. Inflammable cupboards, special cupboard for acid and alkali –clean cabinets

  5. Clean areas: surgery room, clean room, air showers, micro- and bacteriology hoods, laminar and clean worktops, special rooms

  6. Electronic, computer projects, automation and research tools

  7. Special fans, ceramic sinks, laboratory faucets and valves, special filters.

Our carried out projects:
  1. Saveh cement factory(white and grey)

  2. Saveh cement factory(white and grey)

  3. Khash cement factory

  4. Oroumieh cement factory

  5. White cement Tabriz company

  6. Abyek cement factory

  7. Bojnord cement factory

  8. Office of education –Shahrekord

  9. Office of education- Mashhad

  10. Office of education-rafsanjan

  11. Iran standards and industrial research-Mazandaran

  12. Iran standards and industrial research-Tehran

  13. Iran standards and industrial research-Lorestan

  14. Iran food industrial researches

  15. Chizar Laboratory

  16. Dr. Qawimi Laboratory

  17. Medical center khoozestan

  18. Ramhormoz medical center

  19. Farhangian Hospital

  20. kasra Hospital

  21. Imam-khomeini Hospital

  22. Tehran Hospital

  23. kashani Hospital

  24. Imam-reza Hospital

  25. Jam Hospital

  26. Khandane Hakim poly clinic

  27. Shiraz University – medical faculty

  28. Shiraz University- Dental faculty

  29. Shiraz University- Agriculture faculty

  30. Oil industrial research center- shahre rey

  31. Tehran University – science faculty

  32. Tehran University- Agriculture faculty

  33. Chamran University – medical faculty ( Ahwaz)

  34. Boo-ali University ( hamadan)- Pharmaceutical faculty

  35. Azad University- Dental faculty

  36. Azad University –Garmsar

  37. All medical faculties and sectors of Kerman University

  38. Amir-Kabir University

  39. Hekmat high school

  40. Asad abadi high school

  41. Beheshti high school

  42. Roshd high school

  43. 8 th shahriwar high school

  44. Imam high school in kashan

  45. Geology Institute

  46. Atomic-energy Institute

  47. Defense office-shian

  48. Defense office-parchin

  49. Defence office- mechanic industry

  50. Defence office- parsond

  51. Defence office- physic research center

  52. Blood donation center- PCR sector

  53. shahd company

  54. Iran hous building company

  55. pakwash co

  56. Isfahan nowin co

  57. Qazwin abgineh co

  58. tak carbon co

  59. pider co

  60. Tehran Data co.

  61. Chin chin plantation and industry co.

  62. Arwin-Teb co.

  63. Sepanta co.

  64. Pouya medical co

  65. Hobab saz co.

  66. Iran Developing Industry and thermo co.

  67. Teb Iran co

  68. Harir Khozestan co.

  69. Iran National copper industry

  70. Kaveh industrial city co.

  71. Zamzam co- tehran

  72. Zamzam co-khozestan

  73. Gohar-fam producing and industrial co.

  74. Abou reyhan Pharmaceutical co.

  75. Esfahan Pharmaceutical co.

  76. Jalinous Pharmaceutical co.

  77. Kharazmi Pharmaceutical co.

  78. Ramofarmin Pharmaceutical co.

  79. Pour-sina Pharmaceutical co.

  80. Fakher Pharmaceutical co.

  81. Mahban chem. co

  82. Continental shelf oil co.

  83. National Petrochemical co.

  84. Abadan Petrochemical co.

  85. National oil co.

  86. Iran Anti-biotic producing co.

  87. Oil co-chemical excavating research sector (ahwaz)

  88. Razi Petrochemical co.

  89. Tehran Water and Swage treatment office

  90. Nader padid co.

  91. Goafian Enginnering and producing co.

  92. Jamco Elektric machines co.

  93. Nedasa rocket central controlling office

  94. National steel group

  95. National paper industry group

  96. Iran Milk industry

  97. Pars Injection group

  98. Glokozan group

  99. Sinaran Glue industry group

  100. Pars biochemical group

  101. Mineralogy and Geology research center

  102. Iran Pastor Institute

  103. Karaj Biotechnology institute
  104. .