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ZMC series micro computer control window/door Performance testing machine

    •Its main components are made by famous manufacturers and frame is made of high quality structure steel with high reliability. With manual and auto control function, and equipped with PowerTest software, one time fixing.
    •Used for wind resistance, air-tightness, water-tightness test of external window, floor-stand window, external door and curtain wall. Especially suitable for door/window performance test in curtain wall factories, construction engineering quality inspection centers, quality supervision stations, construction research institutes.
    Standards: GB/T7108, GB/T7107, GB/T7106, GB13686, GB13685

    • This machine comprises of upper controller and lower controller. Upper controller is responsible for data and graphic processing, test controlling. Lower controller provides data acquisition and action, according to upper controller instructions, control wind system positive/negative pressure applying. This machine features wide applications, strong functions, and is suitable for various window/door performance tests. Able to switch between auto and manual control mode.
    • Apply computer to control test, real-time displaying pressure, three channels deformation or six channels deformation, deflection, test time, temperature, wind penetration and test state; wind deflection performance, air leakage and water penetration test may be conducted in three steps or automatically in the whole test process. Use computer for data processing, auto-save test results, able to recall / replot /rescale test curves. With strong ability to process data and graphic, test software running in Windows is able to print test reports and curves.

    • Specimen size: 500X500~3000X2400 (adjustable)
    • Wind pressure: +/- 5000Pa (equipped with a +/-600Pa pressure transducer)
    • Deformation: +/-25mm
    • Air-tightness: +/-500Pa
    • Water-tightness: 1050Pa Water spray: ?3L/min.m2
    • Corner window longitude length: ?600mm
    • Overall dimension(LXWXH): mm

Static pressure box:
    • 3415X870X3360 (Flat, specimen:3000X2400)
    • 3415X1150X3360 ( Three-dimension, specimen: 3000x2400)
    • 4430X870X3360 (300 Three-dimension, specimen: 4000x2400)
    • Air blower system: 1200X1000X1400
    • Control cabinet: 600X500X1300

ZML Series Micro computer control window/door mechanical performance testing machine

    •Applied to test mechanical performance of external window, floor-stand window, and external door. Especially suitable for door and window inspection, development and research, to factories, construction quality supervision stations, construction companies, product quality inspection stations, research institutes, academies.
    •Easy specimen fixing, easy-to-operate, high accuracy measurement. •Automatically analyze test results with acquired data, and automatic specimen evaluation and classification.
    Standards: GB/T11793.2-89, GB/T11793.3-89, GB/T9158-88

    • Horizontal push-pull speed: 0-20 times/min
    • Horizontal swing speed: 15m/min
    • Platform travel: 0-900mm
    • Specimen size: 2400X3000mm
    • Load cell: +/-25mm, Class 1

    Models: ZML-A digital display, ZML-B computer control

ZQD series door/window corner strength testing machine

ZQD series is special for corner fracture test of window/door and mechanical test of PVC-U plastics. Simple test method and easy-to-operate. Automatic save peak value, save N times test results, calculate mean value and mean value at 70%. Equipped with micro printer provides real-time test report printing.

    • Measurement range: 2KN~20KN
    • Reading relative error: <±2%
    • Power supply: AC220V, single-phase, max power: 1000W
    • Overall dimension: 1000(L) X 450(W) X 1620(H) mm
    • Net weight: 200 Kg

This machine comprises of main frame and control cabinet. On the upper of main frame is assembled with load cell, which completes electronic measurement and digital display. This instrument is the advanced equipment of testing door/window corner strength in China, with rational structure, high automation, Easy-to-operate, reliable and stable test data,

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