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ZKS1000 Series Micro Computer Control High Accuracy Penetration Resistance Testing Machine

This instrument is for penetration resistance test of concrete under constant pressure according to GB standard. Comprise of control cabinet, air compressor, computer, test platform. Control system includes computer and AD813 controller. Computer is for data and graphic processing, data management, and test process control. Controller receives instructions of pressure control from computer and controls multi-stations individually, so that penetration resistance test is conducted under long time and constant inside pressure. Standard: ISO,ASTM

    •Pressure range: 0.1~3Mpa
    • Pressure accuracy: ± 2%
    • Constant pressure range: 0.1~3MPa
    • Constant pressure accuracy: ± 5%
    • Timer accuracy: ± 0.1%
    • Each group has six specimens, expandable to customer requirements.
    • Specimen size: Cylinder shape top diameter: 175mm, bottom diameter:185mm, thickness: 150mm
    • Specimen Fixture: Conform to GBJ82-85
    • Power supply: AC220V ±10%
    • Overall dimension:
    • Control cabinet: 600X600X1500mm
    • Test platform: 1704X592X700mm (two groups, each group with six specimens)

    • Computer control of whole test process,real-time display of pressure, test time, test failure state. Multi test stations, each station can be outfitted with moulds which quantity is a multiple of 6. With individual controlled test stations, able to conduct test of different pressure for each station with high accuracy and without any effects among them. Additionally equipped with accumulator to stabilize system pressure which improves pressure accuracy and constant pressure ability.
    •Apply computer for data processing and analysis, automatically save test results. Able to recall, replot and rescale curve.
    •Test software running in Windows system provides with strong data and graphic processing function, real-time printing test report and curve.
    • With overloaded protection.
    •Major control components are famous brand with high performance and accuracy. Test mould is made of high quality forged steel with high anti-rust properties and saftty.
    •This machine can be controlled by computer or by digital controller, which decreases labor hours and improves productivity against unmanned running. •Test stations can be expanded to satisfy most customers requirements.

ZMT205 Hydraulic mould dismounting machine

Simple structure and easy-to-operate. Apply manual valves with easy operation and high productivity.

This machine is to match penetration resistance tester, mainly used for cement specimen pressing, pushing out.

Parameters :
    • Max force: 200KN
    • Cylinder diameter: ?110mm
    • Piston stroke: 100mm
    • Piston pushing speed without loading: 250mm/min
    • Motor power: 1.1KW
    • Overall dimension: 800×610×1350mm
    • Overall weight: 250Kg
    • Oil tank capacity: 28L
    • Oil brand: L-HM46 (prepared by user)
    • System hydraulic pressure: 20Mpa
    • Power supply: AV380V 1.2KW

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