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ZRZ1452 Melt Flow Index Tester

ZRZ Melt Flow Index Tester(melt index ) is special for melt flow rate test of thermoplastic under certain condition. Index means extrusion mass or volume of a resin through an orifice of defined dimensions at a specified temperature and load every 10 minutes. It is usually described in MFR(MI) or MVR and used to differentiate viscidity properties at melting state. It’s significant to ensure quality of thermoplastic and chemical fiber materials. With high temperature control accuracy, nitrizing treatment of key components, high strength and hardness, small deformation, provides favorable conditions for accurately determining melt flow rate. Mainly apply to production inspection, research and development in factories, product quality inspection institutes, scientific research and academies

Main technical parameters:
    •Temperature control
    •Range: 100~4000 °C Fluctuation: 0.5°C
    4h drift: ?0.50 °C Distribution: 0.50°C
    •Resolution: 0.10 °C Error correction: random
    •Cylinder Temperature recovery time after stuffing: ?4min
    •Cutoff,automatic cutoff interval: 2~1000s

Manual cutoff :
    •Orifice inside diameter:?2.095±0.005mm ?1.180±0.010mm
    •Cylinder inside diameter:?9.550±0.020mm
    •Load accuracy: ±0.5%
    •National Standard Specimen(PE) Test:
    •Repeatability accuracy: 0.2%
    •Accuracy: 5%
    •Measurement range: 0.04~400g/10min
    •Power supply,220V,AC,50HZ,3A
    •Overall dimension(LXWXH): 360mmX530mmX770mm
    •Main frame Weight: 40Kg
    •Weights: 25Kg

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