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LIPAN 3010

Laser Micro Analyzer LIPAN 3010



The Laser Micro Analyzer LIPAN 3010 permits local-resolved element analysis of tiny areas on the sample within few seconds without sample preparation. For the characterization of microscopic structures the laser sources is coupled to a UV-microscope. Due to the excellent opportunity to focus laser light and the use of short wavelengths within the UV range tiny sample areas with dimensions of few Ám can be analyzed.

The measuring system LIPAN 3010 is applicable for microanalytical multi-element-analysis of solid material with a local resolution down to 10 Ám. Variations in main composition as well as contamination by trace elements is detected simultaneously. The quasi-punctiform evaporation permits the simple and fast detection of lcal inhomogenities as well as depth profil measurements. LIPAN 3010 is applied for a wide range of technical applications, e.g. layer structure measurments and cntamination analysis.
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