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LIPAN 3002

Laser Plasma Analyzer LIPAN 3002 – Modular System (OEM-Version)



  • 19” rack configuration of laser power supply, electronic control board and optical analyser unit
  • OEM-system with separated components for industrial process integration.
  • Adaptation to particular needs of user and the corresponding plant.
  • Separate measuring head for sample excitation and collimation of plasma emission is placed on the conveyor belt/material flow.
  • Integrated energy monitor for measurement of individual laser pulses
  • Motorized attenuator for automatic correction of laser pulse intensities (remote control)
  • Spectral determination of plasma temperature via Boltzmann plot
  • Further Information


Basic System

Modular measuring head

Modular measuring head




Example for Setup

LIPAN 3002
LIPAN 3002


we rec-a
(we rec-a)

Example for industrial use of LIPAN 3002,
here for recycling of lamp glasses at WEREC GmbH


Technical Specification

Sample chamber:



Solids and liquids. No sample preparation. Measurement under normal atmosphere.

Excitation source:

Q-switched Nd:YAG-laser; pulse length 6 ns; repetition rate 10-20 Hz

Measuring head:

350 x 500 x 200 mm (w x h x d); fix distance to sample adjustable between approximately 250 to 450 mm


Spectral range 200 to 780 nm simultaneously measured; linear dispersion per pixel 5 pm at 200 nm to 19 pm at 780 nm

Image intensifier and CCD-camera:

CCD-Array Kodak KAF-1001 (1024x1024 pixel) with gateable iage intensifier (MCP); temporal resolution approximately 20 ns; on-chip integration time for photo electrons up to 3 min. Double correlated sampling, stabilization of temperature

Fast Pulse Generator:

Programmable TTL-pulse generation for temporal control f laser and camera; laser shot control; control of image intensifier of the ICCD camera, line binning

Framegrabber with ADC:

16 bit ADC; frequency 500 kHz; programmable line and pixel binning


Processor AMD K6-3, 550 MHz; RAM 128 MB; HDD min. 20 GB; Floppy drive 3 ½’’; 1 MB Video-RAM, built-in VGA-LCD-display (10.4-TFT’’); built-in keyboard


By serial commands of the system control. The SPS with control console is designed customer-defined.


User-defined software for qualitative and quantitative multi-element-analyse, development of a customer-defined analytical program for device / plant control.

Operational system:

Windows 2000


external monitor, printer, Ethernet

Environmental conditions:

Temperature 10 C to 30 C, relative moisture 20 % to 80 %

Temperature for storage:

>+5 C


Control cabinet 550 x 850 x 650 mm (w x h x d)

Voltage supply:

230 V, 2000 W (optional 110/120 V, 60 Hz)



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