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LIPAN 3001

Laser Plasma Analyzer LIPAN 3001

            LIPAN 3001



  • Mobile system with integrated sample chamber.
  • All components including industrial laser included in compact housing (see picture).
  • Also applicable for field measurements on-the-spot.
  • Automatic analysis after placement of the material into the sample chamber.
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Aufbau Prinzipskizze
Scheme of Principle

Aufbau Prinzipskizze
Sample Chamber


Sample chamber:

Plasma excitation and emission measurement in one optical axis; emission measurement using mirror optics.for solid samples. (Dimension 200 x 140 x 360 mm (w x h xd), No sample preparation. Measurement under normal atmosphere.

Excitation source:

Q-switched Nd:YAG-laser; pulse length 6 ns; repetition rate 10 Hz


Spectral range 200 to 780 nm simulatneously measured; linear dispersion 5 pm at 200 nm to 19 pm at 780 nm

Image intensifier and CCD-camera:

CCD-Array Kodak KAF-1001 (1024x1024 pixel) with gateable iage intensifier (MCP); temporal resolution approximately 20 ns; on-chip integration time for photo electrons up to 3 min. Double correlated sampling, stabilization of temperature

Framegrabber with ADC:

16 bit ADC; frequency 500 kHz; programmable line and pixel binning

Fast pulse generator:

Programmable TTL-pulse generation for temporal control f laser and camera; laser shot control; control of image intensifier of the ICCD camera, line binning


Processor AMD K6-3, 550 MHz; RAM 128 MB; HDD min. 20 GB; Floppy drive 3 ½’’; 1 MB Video-RAM, built-in VGA-LCD-display (10.4-TFT’’); built-in keyboard with mouse


external monitor, printer, Ethernet

Detection limit:

typically 1 to 100 ppm, depending on the element

Time for measurement and analysis:

> 3 s

Environmental temperature:

10 C to 30 C

Voltage supply:

220 V, 16 A, 50 / 60 Hz (optional 110/120 V, 60 Hz)



Control and analytical software ESAWIN:

  • Dialog controlled operation, on-line help  
  • Setting of measuring parameter, Method-specific control of the measurement (start, stop with time r pulse selection, manual stop, externally triggered)
  • Selection of spectra display, line selection, display of line groups of detected elements
  • Automatic qualitative multi-element-analysis
  • Setting of output parameters
  • Data storage (Archive functions, use of standard and atom database, data import and export)
  • Calibration according to different models for quantitative multi-element-analysis using calibration samples, calculation of concentration



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